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Sales Metrics & KPI Examples
Sales Metrics & KPI Examples

Sales metrics to help teams measure their performance

Modern sales teams are the driving force behind your business and key sales metrics are top of mind for everyone. Sales teams drive revenue. And revenue is often top of mind for the CEO, the board, shareholders, and employees.

Top performing sales teams are data-driven. Everything in sales is measurable. And the benefit to measuring your performance is that you can identify areas of improvement. Key sales metrics are a compass that keep you on course to achieving the results you and your business are looking for.

This top sales metrics and KPIs resource is designed to help sales professionals like you identify and track the best sales metrics with examples you can track on your own dashboards and reports.

Best Sales Metrics

  1. Average Profit Margin
  2. Opportunities
  3. Sales Qualified Leads
  4. Trial Conversion Rate
  5. Sales Cycle Length
  6. Cost Per Lead
  7. Lead to Win Rate
  8. Retention and Churn Rates
  9. Customer Lifetime Value
  10. New and Expansion MRR

What is a good sales KPI template?

It can be said that a good sales KPI template isn’t a visual example, but a process. To define your sales KPI template, take these three actions:

  1. Identify your business objective
  2. Set a departmental target to help achieve that objective
  3. Define your measurement process

For example, if your business objective is to bring in a total revenue of $1M this year, you need to set a sales target of $250K per quarter, and measure your closed won opportunities closely throughout the course of the year

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