Executive Dashboards

Modern executives use KPI dashboards to report and track corporate performance.

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Executive Dashboard Examples
Executive Dashboard Examples

What is an executive dashboard?

An executive dashboard is a visual interface that displays company KPIs and metrics using data visualizations and graphical elements. The objective of an executive dashboard is to provide CEOs and other executives with a bird's eye view of company performance. This may be done by providing an executive summary of the top KPIs across business units, or by providing high-level reporting dashboards for each department in the company.

What should be on an executive dashboard?

An executive dashboard should be composed of company-level KPIs that allow for a quick review of performance. Each executive in your company will benefit from a customized dashboard with departmental KPIs. As an example, however, a CEO dashboard may display KPIs from each department.

Here's an example of what to include in a CEO dashboard to monitor a software company's performance.

FinanceGross Profit Margin
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Opportunity Pipeline
Web Sessions
SupportTicket Volume
Average Resolution Time
DevelopmentLead Time
Cycle Time

How do you build an executive dashboard?

To build an effective executive dashboard, you need to consider your audience and consult with them about their dashboard and reporting needs. Each executive on your team will use different KPIs to monitor their performance – it's essential to understand these KPIs.

Here's a simple process to follow when building an executive dashboard.

  1. Consult with your executive team
  2. Define your KPIs and metrics
  3. Create a basic mockup of your dashboard
  4. Select your executive dashboard software
  5. Connect to data sources
  6. Create data visualizations
  7. Get feedback
  8. Deploy and continue to get feedback

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